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"Making beautiful pieces arouses positive feelings". 

The true Caban Spirit lies in the sustainability and innovation of modern times, never losing sight of the contemporary where we have travelled until today. Passionate about Nature with a deep connection to the mountains of the North we have further implemented our ecological thinking transformed into everyday actions. The relationships between man, the mountain, culture and nature are preserved for the benefit of future generations.


Caban has a completely green collection line.

Each piece was made using recycled and natural materials, following strict parameters and respecting nature.
Nylon, with certificate, all with a special fibre made through the collection of plastic waste from the seas.
- Special regenerated leather, saving 70% energy and 95% water.
- Biodegradable cords made of regenerated cotton.
- Ecological packaging: the boxes are made of special paper, obtained from recycled leather and post-consumer waste paper; the powder bags are made of PET from recycled plastic bottles.

Caban provides new generations of families, children and sports enthusiasts with the opportunity to connect with nature all year round with full respect for local ecosystems, animals and the sustainability of the world.

 Caban has full respect for local ecosystems, animals and the sustainability of the world.

CABAN Pieces are manufactured , based on the principle that human work harmonizes with the cycle of nature, and we are promoters of a culture that places man at the centre of the whole: an authentic humanism that represents the deeply Portuguese essence of CABAN