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CABAN is the result of a job well done.

The brand was founded in 1981 by Mr. José Duarte Soares and Mrs. Bertila Pinto Alves Barbosa, a reference in the national textile industry.

His creative and enterprising spirit made CABAN a true Icon brand for lovers of meticulous, handmade pieces that fall in love with all customers.

Tradition, authenticity, heritage, culture and quality are some of the characteristics that define the new chapter that this new team is designing for CABAN.

A team that gathers this family heritage in the textile tradition and leads the brand to the present by maintaining its main characteristics of identity.

CABAN was founded in Oporto, an eclectic and interesting industrial city that gathers in nature, situated between the sea, the river and the mountains, allowing the design and authenticity of the pieces and stories we tell.


CABAN is inspired by the tent, the shelter.

CABAN aims to manufacture good accessories and clothes for the rain, filled with skill, passion and authenticity, brought to the customer in a true way.

With inspiring methods, coordinated with the canvases and accessories that involve the construction of a tent, the creation of the brand CABAN was born.

We imagine, a contemporary and updated version that becomes modern, utilitarian and dazzling pieces when used.
After a few improvements, we achieved pieces with immense innovation for men and children.

Transformed in its small factory, with talented professionals, a perfect combination for the production of the concept and CABAN pieces.

Expertise, sealed seams, skill and attention to detail, we quickly realised that these parts could only be built by hand.

Building each piece in detail allows us to sign and number each of the pieces, this is the way CABAN finds to remain present in the life and authenticity of each of its pieces.


All CABAN jackets are entirely handmade with great attention to detail.
The materials are carefully chosen and the seamstresses invest their energy and love in each jacket that comes out of their hands.

Quality matters and makes us feel better.

Something handmade, in this digital and always connected world is something very rare.

We want the opposite of what we are used to, the speed at which everything moves, the passing of fads without valuing the piece.

With CABAN, the slow is appreciated, as is manufacturing and attention to detail.